Party Waiver

Release of Liability, Waiver, Assumption of Risk, Hold Harmless, Photo Release and Indemnification Agreement

    1. Representation: I represent that I am the parent or legal guardian of the Participant(s) named below or I have obtained permission from the parent/legal guardian of the Participant(s) named below to execute this agreement on their behalf.
    2. Assumption of Risks: I acknowledge and understand that I or the Participant(s) may be exposed to dangers and hazards associated with participation in Tech Rocks! activities and the use of the computer lab and equipment. I, for myself and the Participant(s) named, forever willingly assume the risks associated with participation and accept that there are also risks that may arise due to OTHER PARTICIPANTS which I also willingly assume.
    3. Agreement to Follow Directions: I agree that the Participant(s) named, and I shall comply with the rules, posted safety signs, and verbal instructions as conditions for participation in any activity at Tech Rocks!.
    4. Photo Release: I hereby authorize and consent to the use of my and the Participant(s) visual image by Tech Rocks! and Tech Know Academy LLC for appropriate purposes, including but not limited to: still photography, videotape, electronic and print publications and websites. I give this consent with no claim for payment. If you do not wish to do a photo/video release, please specify in the comments box below.
    5. Release of Liability: I, for myself, the Participant(s) named, our heirs, assigns, representatives, and next of kin agree to forever release Tech Rocks!, Tech Know Academy LLC owners, their predecessors, parent, subsidiaries and affiliates, officers, employees and contractors from all liabilities, causes of action, claims, demands, injuries, or damages that may arise from participation in any way. This release includes claims for the negligence of the released parties.
    6. Indemnification, Hold Harmless and Defense: I additionally agree to forever indemnify and hold harmless and defend the owner of this Tech Rocks! facility, Tech Know Academy LLC owners, their predecessors, parent, subsidiaries and affiliates, officers, and employees for any defense costs or expenses arising from any and all claims, injuries, liabilities or damages arising from participation.
    7. Medical Care: I understand that hospital facilities, qualified medical care, and medical evacuation may be limited by local conditions. I also understand that Tech Rocks! assumes no responsibility for providing medical care during the any activity in the premises, and I will have to pay for any medical care and/or evacuation that I incur.
    8. Acknowledgment: I hereby acknowledge that I have carefully read this release of liability, waiver of claims, and assumption of risk agreement. I am aware that this is a release of liability and a contract between Tech Know Academy, LLC, DBA Tech Rocks! and me in which I make knowing and voluntary waivers and releases of related legal rights. I am of physical ability to participate and am legally competent to understand and complete this agreement. I hereby execute this agreement without coercion and submit on my own free will below.
    9. Email: By providing my e-mail, I acknowledge I may receive e-mails including Tech Rocks confirmations, discounts, promos, special event and news.
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